How Did I Get From There to Here? That Is A Long Story. This Is A Short Post.


I hate to admit it, but painful experiences have been defining moments in my life. Who I am today has not been shaped as much by the things in my life that turned out right, but by the things that went all wrong. If I am kind and empathetic person, if you feel I understand something about you, then we can thank my heartaches for this.

When I am not obsessed with my blog, I am a German literature professor at Brigham Young University. I am married to an Air National Guard Chaplain. When we were married in 1989, we set out to have a big family. I wanted 8 kids and he wanted 5. In the end, we compromised at 11. How we got from there to here is a very long story and I want to tell it here, a little at a time, between grading student papers and washing the endless loads of laundry. There is not much I know for sure in life, but a few things hold us together. Most of them I learned on journeys that started with a broken heart.

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  • Juhl on January 16, 2016

    You, my sister… are the kindest, big hearted soul. You represent so much to me in your very essence. Your open mind, your faith and your willingness to be venerable which in reality is power. A person who is not ashamed of being human, a person who is real and a person standing in her truth. Experiencing you is experiencing sunshine and your abilities to write in words what others shy to express is freeing! Thank you for your bravery and being you! I love you!!

    • Cindy Brewer on January 23, 2016

      Dear Juhl. Thankyou for commenting on my post. I love you FOREVER!

  • Talita Osman on January 22, 2016

    Thank you for sharing your story Cindy. It is breathtaking! Talita

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